Van Warranty

Mercedes-Benz of Durham

Unique Peak Performance & Quality

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of Mercedes-Benz Vans. Mercedes-Benz of Durham offers maintenance services to ensure the smooth running of the van for years to come.

Mercedes-Benz offers comprehensive warranties to safeguard your investment and allow you to focus on your work with peace of mind.

Sprinter Extended
Limited Warranty

  • 1-Year/Up to 100,000 Miles
  • 2-Year/Up to 125,000 Miles
  • 3-Year/Up to 150,000 Miles
  • 4-Year/Up to 175,000 Miles

Diesel Engine Limited Warranty

  • 5 Year/100,000 Mile Warranty for Turbo Diesel engines.
  • Covers Engine Components and Emissions (For Heavy Duty Vehicles).
  • Expires at 5 Years or 100,000 Miles, Whichever Comes First.
  • Maintenance Adherence Necessary for Warranty Validity

Limited Outer-Body Warranty

  • 5-Year/100,000 Mile Warranty
  • Protects Outer Finished Painted Metal Panels from Corrosion/Perforation
  • All Panels Covered for 3 Years (Regardless of Mileage)
  • Warranty Expires at 5 Years or 100,000 Miles

Basic Limited Warranty

  • 3-Year/36,000 Mile Warranty
  • Basic Coverage for Three Years or 36,000 Miles, Whichever Comes First.
  • Excludes Normal Maintenance and Wear Items